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Anna del Conte
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YOU the Mail on Sunday:
Any Italian-food lover who suffers from sensitivity to gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley and rye, or coeliac disease, an autoimmune condition caused by a reaction to gluten, has felt the frustration of seeing a plateful of pasta and knowing they can’t eat it without risking a flare-up. Anna Del Conte, the doyenne of Italian cooking, has come to the rescue.
In collaboration with Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, an expert on food intolerance and editor of foodsmatter.com, Anna has written
FreeFrom all’Italiana Primi*, the first of a series of handy cookbooks. Primi (meaning ‘first courses’) has scrumptious recipes for pasta, rice, polenta, pulses and soups, which are all gluten-free and often lactose-free, too.
The 30 recipes are simple and quick, some featuring sauces by Saclà (which Anna acknowledges as worthy time-saving rivals to homemade offerings), with pasta made from alternatives including corn, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, soya beans, chickpeas, black beans, low-calorie konjac and even seaweed (see below). And there is no compromise on taste, as the enthusiastic endorsements by Giorgio Locatelli and Nigella Lawson confirm.

5th February 2017
(In the evening after this article appeared, FreeFrom all'Italiana Primi was in the top 2% of Amazon books sold, was no. 5 in their Italian cookery book list and No. 10 in their Mediterranean book list.)

FreeFrom...for life gluten free
Free from Italian food—what’s not to like?
It’s a small book—only 30 recipes—but they are well-selected, and it reminded me of some of the wonderful recipes I used to cook and seem to have forgotten about. Why haven’t I cooked pasta with broccoli and anchovies for…well, it must be at least twenty years? It’s delicious, and it’s disappeared completely from my standard repertoire of recipes…
And there are some that I’m looking forward to trying—chickpeas with rocket, chilli and garlic, for instance. Classic and simple: fab. I do like a meal that is easy and quick to produce..
And, talking of speed and simplicity, the recipe uses Sacla’ sauces in several of the dishes. I’m sure you’ll have seen these on the shelves in your supermarket, and I use them often to save time. And now they have the Anna Del Conte stamp of approval; I hope the supermarkets are braced for empty shelves.

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Ruth's Allergy Diary on FoodsMatter and on What Allergy?:
One thing I’ve really missed since not being able to eat dairy and wheat is Italian cooking. I do cook with wheat free pasta often but I don’t really do anything special with it and it’s usually just the chosen carb with no sauce, just plain old pasta.
So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that one of the most amazing and well respected Italian chefs had written a book especially for us humble freefromers. FreeFrom all’Italiana, Primi by Anna Del Conte and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson is THE must have book for anyone who is allergic to dairy and/or wheat. It was my favourite birthday present this year and I have already started experimenting. Read on...

FreeFrom Farmhouse:
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson has just produced a fabulous new cookbook, Freefrom Italiana, with Anna Del Conte. Italian food is a favourite in our house – my husband’s grandparents were from Sicily – so it is lovely to see some authentic recipes with a freefrom twist. A lot of Italian cooking is naturally freefrom and these recipes explore some of the best, as well as explaining how to make even more dishes without gluten or dairy.

Vegetarian Living:
The doyenne of Italian cooking, Anna del Conte, and an expert on free-from food, Michelle Berridale-Johnson, have teamed up to create an Italian-themed cookbook of authentic recipes that are all gluten-free and many milk-free too. Supported by Sacla, the Italian pesto, sauce and antipasti brand, Free-from all’Italiana features 30 recipes for pasta, risotto, polenta and soups that are perfect for anyone on gluten- or dairy-free diets. Anna del Conte commented: ‘The recipes in our new book demonstrate there’s no need to feel bereft of pasta, as it’s so easy to eat naturally free-from Italian.’

On Amazon:
This is a lovely little book, with some excellent and tasty recipes. It's completely gutting not to be able to eat dairy, especially cheese! But here are some great ideas that remove some of the pain of the lack of dairy in these really good, really simple recipes. I never use recipe books as they're often so complex and involve so many different ingredients, but these are short, easy to read and tasty to make!

Little Biscuit: A really lovely recipe book! Great to have recommendations about what kind of sauces go with what sort of gluten-free pasta; the book covers everything from seaweed pasta to black bean pasta! The rice dishes and soups also look great; it's really nice to have loads of ideas to try. Everything is gluten-free and there's lots of dairy-free recipes too. Really looking forward to cooking my way through this book.