6  Introduction


Anna del Conte9   Pasta

10   Chick pea or buckwheat pasta  with garlic, oil and rosemary- GF/MF/LF

11   Bean or buckwheat pasta  with broccoli sauce- GF/can be MF/LL

12   Pasta salad with sun-dried  tomato sauce- GF/MF/LF

13   Gluten-free pasta  with tomato and  anchovy sauce- GF/MF/LF

14   Any gluten-free pasta  with leek sauce- GF/can be MF

16   Black bean spaghetti with mussel sauce- GF/MF/LF

18   Any gluten-free pasta  with fennel  sauce- GF/MF/LF

20   Smoked salmon and pesto sauce  for any gluten-free pasta- GF/MF/LF

22    Egg and  cheese pasta  bake- GF

24   Mushrooms and  anchovies pasta  bake- GF/MF/LF


Anna del Conte27   Rice

28   Risotto with Jerusalem artichokes- GF

30   Risotto with asparagus- GF/can be MF/can be LL

32   Risotto with spinach- GF/MF/LF

33  Tomatoes stuffed  with rice and potatoes- GF/MF/LL

34   Mushroom  Risotto- GF/can be MF/can beLL

36   Bean and  vegetable risotto soup- GF/MF/LF

38   Oven-baked risotto- GF/can be MF/LL

39   Rice with peas  - GF/can be MF/LL

40   Risotto with prawns  and peas- GF/can be MF

42   Rice and  courgette torta- GF/LL


Anna del Conte45   Polenta and  Pulses

46   Polenta  with Gorgonzola sauce- GF

47   Polenta  with pesto- GF/can be MF

48 Chick peas with rocket and  garlic- GF/MF/LF

49   Cannellini beans  with tomato and rosemary- GF/MF/LL

50   Lentils with sausage  and  mushrooms- GF/can be MF/LL

52   Buckwheat polenta with butter and  cheese- GF


Anna del Conte55   Soup

56   Courgette soup- GF/can be MF

57   Garlic  soup- GF/can be MF/can be LF

58   Broad bean soup- GF/can be MF

60   Tuscan bean soup- La Ribollita- GF/MF/LF


GF: gluten-free
MF: milk-free
LF: lactose-free
LL: low-lactose

Please note  the Socia'  sauces mentioned in this book contain the following allergens:
Fiery Chilli Pesto: almonds, milk, sulphur dioxide
Free From Basil Pesto: soya, cashew nuts
Free From Tomato Pesto: soya
Truffle Pesto: cashew nuts, milk, egg
Wild Mushroom Risotto: soya